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Community Restaurants

Huti’s 5 Free-Fire Grill

Image Source: http://www.hutis5.com/

If you want to eat excellent HEALTHY food in a fast casual atmosphere, look no further than Huti’s 5.  While it is ‘order at the counter’ and you have to clear your dishes like at home, this healthy eatery has an urban trendy atmosphere.  Maybe it is the industrial decor or the beers on tap or the craft sodas, but it feels like a cool funky place in an urban area.  The 5 in the name comes from the five steps to ordering.  First you pick your main.  The selection includes beef, chicken, salmon, pork, and even Feijoada (Portuguese stew).  I like that you can see everything as you are ordering. Then you choose your base from white rice, brown rice, or fresh crispy organic greens (salad).  Next you pick a side dish.  My favorite is the fire grilled squash.  Other options include roasted root vegetables, street corn, black beans, super greens, and plantains.  Next you sauce it up from some amazing options.  I love to mix them.  My favorite is peri peri and creamy avocado.  The creamy avocado balances the heat in the peri peri to perfection.  The chimichuri is also a favorite.  Step five is to top it off with something like white queso fresco, oranges, vinaigrette or sour cream drizzle.  The combinations are endless!  I was really pleased at how healthy and fresh the food is.  I have a couple of favorites.  My number one is chicken with salad greens topped with fire grilled squash and zucchini and finished with creamy avocado and peri peri sauce.  I add whatever tempts me at step 5.  Another favorite is the Feijoada with brown rice, street corn, and chimichuri.  This food is so delicious and it is healthy too.  The nutritional information is on the back of the menu so you can feel very proud of the meal you put together.  Because of the combinations, healthy eating has never been more fun and creative.

Community Restaurants

Willie’s Grill and Ice House

Image Source: https://williesgrillandicehouse.com/location-page/the-woodlands/

Willie’s is one of my favorite places for large groups where it is easy to do separate checks and everyone can get whatever they want from a variety of options.  It is a relaxing fun place. Willie’s is very family friendly and has a large patio space perfect for sunny days.  Their menu is huge and has everything anyone could want. I’m kind of addicted to their fried pickles.  They are always a crowd pleaser. There are a ton of huge salads on their menu and my favorites are the Asian Chopped Salad and the Mediterranean Salad.  The Asian salad has greens, chicken, cashews, oranges and huge wantons in a tangy ginger dressing.  The Mediterranean salad has greens, bell peppers, cranberries, pears, walnuts, and Gorgonzola cheese.  You can add chicken to that to make it very filling.  During craw-fish season, this is is always a great place for boiled craw-fish and a cold beer.  They have about a half dozen burgers on the menu including a black N Bleu burger, a turkey burger and an awesome hickory cheddar burger.  Willie’s also has a fair number of sandwiches and poboys.  I love the fried shrimp poboy and the fried craw-fish poboy.  The pulled pork sandwich is also a favorite, but only if I’m not getting a pulled pork topped baked potato.  When I’m in the mood for fried or grilled catfish, Willie’s again satisfies.  You want chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, ribs, or tacos?  Willie’s has those items too. It is a great place to kick back and drink a beer, margarita or their famous Frozen Jack and Coke.  Yes, they have frozen Jack and Coke and frozen adult lawn chair lemonade.  The kids can get a regular frozen lemonade to go with their grilled cheese, corn dog, or mac n cheese.  Like I said, they have something for everyone at Willie’s and everyone leaves happy.