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Fieldings Rooster

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The latest in the trio of Fieldings restaurants to open in The Woodlands might be my favorite.  It is Fieldings Rooster, and as you can tell by the name, it is all about chicken. They have some excellent non  chicken items on the menu, but the chicken excels.  I will likely never eat another grocery store rotisserie chicken again.  They have fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, and wood grilled chicken.  The piri piri wood grill and the chimichurri wood grill are outstanding.  The piri piri has just the right amount of heat to give the flavor some depth.  The chimichurri is an amazing blend of garlic and basil and perfectly complements the chicken. The Tennessee red fried chicken is the best fried chicken I have ever tasted.  It has a some heat and spice; making you want to eat more and more.    The chicken is served a la carte so order some of the amazing sides.  The brussels sprouts are my number one favorite.  They are served pad thai style and stand alone in flavor.  I could eat them as a meal. The mac n cheese is amazing too.  It is gooey and creamy and will fill your tummy and your soul. The duck fat potatoes are as comforting and filling as anything Grandma every cooked.  The drinks menu is as amazing as any fancy bar I have ever been to.  They have a very talented mixologist who has created some very interesting and creative drinks.  I cant wait to try them all if they are as good as the few I’ve been able to sample so far.  It is a good goal to have!  Try Fieldings Rooster and enjoy some of their amazing chicken.

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The Woodlands TX Fieldings Local Kitchen and Bar In Creekside Village

The Woodlands TX Fieldings-Local

The Woodlands TX Fieldings Local Kitchen and Bar in Creekside is hands down the best new restaurant in The Woodlands.   It made the the Houston Chronicle’s Allison Cook’s list of best new restaurants to open in 2015.  She followed it up with a great review and all the  accolades are well deserved.  I love everything about it.  The space is stunning.  It is clean and beautiful.  The bar area is fabulous, especially when they have live music.   The outdoor seating looking out onto the green is awesome in nice weather.   It delivers on all points, especially the food.  I have an addiction to two of the salads.  The spicy steak salad is a fantastic,  flavorful and fresh salad where  the beef is expertly cooked to order every time.  The deconstructed tuna salad is another favorite with flavors of olives, red onions, and red peppers bursting at every bite to complement the rare tuna.  My dinner favorite is the  7 spice short rib  or the same served with pappardelle pasta and an egg.  That rib is dream worthy.  The flounder is also a winner.  All of the pasta is house made and wonderful. There is a whole list of fabulous cocktails to choose from, and my favorite Deluxe Texas Grapefruit is unique and refreshing.  The Dragons Breath tastes amazing and is an adventure to watch being made with the smoke machine.  Brunch is also an amazing time to try Fieldings.  The brunch menu is different and interesting and will awaken even adventurous eaters to new options. You won’t be disappointed in the brunch drinks menu either.  It is truly a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning!

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