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The Woodlands SR-21 Sculpture Returns To The Park

The Woodlands SR21 Sculpture in Artist Grove Park
The sculpture SR-21 was originally designed, produced and donated to The Woodlands by the graduating John Cooper School art students of 2003. The project was supervised by Bob Mosier, their art teacher. The sculpture was positioned in 2004 into Artist Grove Park, the only park where all of the surrounding streets are named for famous artists. Due to exposure to the sun for these past six years, a crack had developed on the surface of the sculpture (see attached). By coordinating with Kelly Dietrich (Woodlands Parks & Rec) and Bob Mosier (John Cooper School), it was determined that refurbishment was necessary to return the artwork back to the original artists’ intent.

Tony Motto, Sculp-Tours) approached Amy Milstead (Milstead Group) about the possibility of securing their services to sandblast, repair and repaint the sculpture. After reviewing the situation, Amy graciously agreed to donate all of their services to remove, transport, repair, and return the sculpture back to Artist Grove Park. The project took about 2 months and now the sculpture SR-21 is back and ready to last many more years due to the work by Milstead Auto Repair.

A bronze plaque has been ordered and will be installed soon. An official unveiling will be scheduled soon to reintroduce the refurbished sculpture to the area residents. This project is significant in that this is the first time one of the sculptures in The Woodlands sculpture collection has been repaired solely through a unified effort by community involvement.
Source: Tony Motto

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Community Outdoor Sculptures

Join Sculp-Tours For Chamber “Ribbon Cutting” Event

Big Barbara
On May 14th, Sculp-Tours will celebrate its official grand opening with a ribbon cutting event to be held at Alden Bridge Shopping Center in front of the “Big Barbara” sculpture at 10:15am. “While Sculp-Tours has been diligently working to build awareness of the sculpture collection for a few months now, we are proud to be an active member of The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce,” says Tony Motto, owner of Sculp-Tours. The choice to meet at the “Big Barbara” installation is unique indeed. Placed in the Alden Bridge Shopping Center in 1998, this artwork has produced many varied conversations. But isn’t that what art should do? What better way to build a sense of community than to provide opportunities for people to communicate with each other their feelings about how art effects them. It’s not important whether people like it or not visually, but what “feelings” does it produce and sharing those feelings with someone else is when positive growth happens.

The sculpture was designed by Peter Reginato, formally a Texan but now resides in New York, and there is a smaller maquette of this artwork that resides in the Woodlands Development Company offices. “There is an interesting story about how this sculpture got its name,” states Motto, “but you’ll have to come to the ribbon-cutting or sign up for a ‘Sculp-Tour’ to find out!” Please show your support for our wonderful sculpture collection by attending this event at the Alden Bridge Shopping Center on May 14th at 10:15am.

Community Outdoor Sculptures

Guided Tours Of The Woodlands Outdoor Sculpture Collection

the woodlands
Sculp-Tours begins hosting groups on a three-hour guided tour of over 30 different sculptures situated throughout The Woodlands area. Residents from the Forum community and members of the Homewood Christian Association of home schoolers enjoyed visiting numerous artwork settings and learning many fun facts and stories about the collection from Tony Motto, the tour guide and owner of Sculp-Tours.

Motto has produced a variety of products centered around the outdoor sculptures in an effort to promote awareness of the collection. Books (hardbound and paperback) and postcards have been available since November at all local area bookstores. “The next step was to provide a comfortable guided tour to view the artwork in its natural setting,” states Motto, “and I’m very excited to begin offering these tours on a regular basis.”

“By working with several local area businesses, tour is structured for groups of four to twenty-four people. The tours start at only $10 per person and last one to three hours depending on interests of attendees. If desired, lunch can also be included as part of the tour package. This is a perfect option for our community and visitors to enjoy experiencing The Woodlands in a new and interesting venue,” Motto continues.

Sculp-Tours are currently being scheduled for April, May and June. Details and sign-up options will soon be available on the website, www.woodlandsart.com. In the meantime, Motto invites anyone interested in participating on a tour to contact him directly by email, tony@sculptours.com or by phone, 281-467-8818.
Source: Tony Motto

Community Outdoor Sculptures

“Rise of the Midgard Serpent” Turns 25 This Year!

Rise of the Midgard Serpent
Everyone is familiar with the dragon in Lake Woodlands. What you may not know is that the sculpture, “Rise of the Midgard Serpent” by Marc Rosenthal will be celebrating it’s twenty-fifth anniversary this year.

This artwork is the eleventh sculpture added to the collection and was originally located on the shore of the Buffalo Bayou in Downtown Houston. The sculpture has the distinction of being one of the few pieces in the collection that was purchased by Mrs. Cynthia Woods-Mitchell herself. As the story goes the artwork just showed up one day; Mrs. Mitchell paid for the sculpture and had it delivered without letting anyone know it was coming! Quite a surprise.

It just so happened that Lake Woodlands was still empty at the time so Mr. Coulson Tough suggested that it be installed in the lake. The artist came to The Woodlands, assisted with the tricky installation, and the lake has been home to this sculpture ever since. Many residents think of the artwork as a rain gauge! The less you can see of the artwork, the more rain we’ve had.

Be on the look-out for a special event sometime later this year to celebrate the dragon’s birthday/anniversary.

Please take time to enjoy this grand collection of sculptures located in our backyard.
– Take a virtual tour at www.woodlandsart.com,
– Buy the book, “The Woodlands Outdoor Sculptures” at your local bookstores,
– Schedule a catered tour of the collection by Sculp-Tours.
Source: Tony Motto, 281-467-8818

Community Outdoor Sculptures

The Woodlands Outdoor Sculpture Collection – Children At Play

Children At Play

We are pleased to announce a first-ever guest contributor to our weblog, Tony Motto. I am sure most residents of The Woodlands have read the recent articles in the Houston Chronicle and The Villager about Tony’s efforts to create awareness of the numerous outdoor sculptures in The Woodlands. His new book, “The Woodlands Outdoor Sculptures”, is available online at Borders, Good Books in The Woods, and Once and Again Books. In future posts, Tony will provide information on his newly-created Support Woodlands Art Foundation and planned guided tours. Here is Tony’s first post:

I just learned that on Dec. 1st, 2009, Clement Renzi, creator of the “Children At Play” sculpture located in Panther Creek Shopping Center, passed away at age 84 after a brief battle with cancer. His wife Dorothy shared with me that a beautiful slideshow of all Clem’s work was presented during the service.

Clem was one of the first sculptors to support my endeavor to build awareness of the outdoor sculpture collection and I count myself lucky to have visited with him many times. “Children At Play” was the eighth sculpture to be added to The Woodlands outdoor art collection, the second bronze statue, and the second to be positioned in a shopping center.

The first bronze was “Tomorrow” by Charles Parks which was originally placed in Grogan’s Mill Shopping Center and now is located at the entrance to the Home Finder’s Center on Woodlands Parkway.

Please take a moment and visit Mr. Renzi’s artwork in the Panther Creek Shopping Center (between Randall’s and Los Cucos Restaurant) and enjoy the spirit of happiness portrayed by “Children At Play.”
Tony Motto