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Rita’s Cantina

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I love Tex Mex and Rita’s Cantina on Hwy 249 is my favorite in the area. It’s barely in the area. It is only a 15 minute drive from the back of the Woodlands, but it seems like it is in another place altogether. Its address is Pinehurst and is on Hwy 249 just south of Hardin Simmons Rd. It is better than all the others in The Woodlands and worth the short drive every time. This is an old school family owned restaurant and the owner is likely to wait on you. The food is amazing. You have to order the dirty queso. It’s not on the menu, so remember this tip. The dirty queso is white queso filled with ground beef and topped with guacamole. Chopped tomatoes and jalapeños are served on the side. The other thing that is amazing on the menu is the beef fajitas. Always cooked to perfection, they are tender and beautiful. You can get homemade flour or cornmeal tortillas with them. They are the best around. I also like the seafood enchiladas. They are a weight watchers nightmare, but so worth it! For dessert, they are famous for their quattro leches cake. Trust me. Order it. They serve three meals a day and the last time I had lunch there, the table next to us was ordering breakfast and it looked amazing. So you know where I will be the next time I go out for breakfast. My mouth is already watering!

Terri Olson

After 34 years working for a global oil company, Terri retired to travel more and spend time with family. She is a foodie-wanna-be and loves to travel, try new foods, and enjoy the local cuisine in The Woodlands. She became interested in dining experiences after living and working abroad in Europe and trying many new foods and restaurants in Copenhagen and London.

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