The Woodlands Amici Bakery and Coffee Shop

Amici Bakery and Coffee Shop
The Woodlands. I often drive into Houston for the many eclectic, interesting, and diverse coffee shops. I’m a bit of a coffee snob. So I am very happy that the Great Harvest Bread company in Sterling Ridge has been re-opened as Amici Cafe and Bakery. The space has been totally redone and is beautiful. It offers a full complement of coffees, pastries, pies, and cookies in a relaxing and upscale atmosphere. They also have sandwiches, pastas, soup, and pizza for lunch. I’ve been a long time fan of the empanadas which make a perfect game day finger food or a perfect light dinner with a salad. They sell out really quickly some days, so I’m not the only fan. The new owners have kept many of the breads, muffins, and scones from the bread shop days and they are excellent. I’ve always liked all of their pastries and desserts because they seem to be slightly less sweet than most normal American desserts. The new owners have definitely added an Argentinian / Venezuelan / Italian twist with many interesting and exciting pastries. My favorites include alfajores – a delightful caramel cookie. They also have tres leches, tiramisu, fruit tarts, and another favorite — facturas – a fluffy flaky custard treat. They have a full complement of espresso drinks to pair with the sweets, and their double shot cappuccino is my favorite. For lunch, the tomato basil soup in a bread bowl is wonderful as is their caesar salad with chicken. The chicken cilantro sandwich is awesome too. I’m really happy to have this gem in The Woodlands and hope that it has continued success.

Terri Olson

After 34 years working for a global oil company, Terri retired to travel more and spend time with family. She is a foodie-wanna-be and loves to travel, try new foods, and enjoy the local cuisine in The Woodlands. She became interested in dining experiences after living and working abroad in Europe and trying many new foods and restaurants in Copenhagen and London.

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