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The Woodlands Republic Grille

This time of year I want to enjoy a glass of wine and dinner on a fabulous patio. One of the best patio’s in The Woodlands TX is The Republic Grille.

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The Woodlands TX Republic-Grille

This time of year I want to enjoy a glass of wine and dinner on a fabulous patio. One of the best patio’s in The Woodlands is The Republic Grille (Panther Creek Shopping Center). It is also one of my favorites when I’m in the mood for superior and flavorful comfort food. The chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken are superb. The gravy is historic. Paired with garlic mashed potatoes and jalapeño corn, it is the ultimate high calorie comfort meal. The bacon jalapeño mac n cheese is also one of those dishes you just can’t stop eating. The serving sizes are plentiful and even the small version of the chicken fried chicken or steak require a togo box.

There are also healthy options at The Republic Grille. They serve some of the best and freshest salads, and the ahi tuna with cilantro and sesame ginger dressing is one of my favorites. The dressings are house made and there are some unique salads on the menu.

Other popular items include the shrimp and grits and the double cut pork chop. When I first started hearing about The Republic Grille, it was the pork chop that was getting all the good press from foodie circles. And even though I haven’t ordered it, the bacon glazed quail always looks great. I will order that one day when I can tear myself away from the chicken fried chicken and that gravy. My favorite appetizer is the calamari. It is a shareable dish that always comes out perfectly.

You have to love a place that has a dessert menu that notifies the customer of no raisins in the bread pudding. That is very important information for many bread pudding connoisseurs. The desserts are scratch made and excellent. The peach cobbler and tres leches are excellent and the table usually ends up fighting for that last bite!

Terri Olson

After 34 years working for a global oil company, Terri retired to travel more and spend time with family. She is a foodie-wanna-be and loves to travel, try new foods, and enjoy the local cuisine in The Woodlands. She became interested in dining experiences after living and working abroad in Europe and trying many new foods and restaurants in Copenhagen and London.

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