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The Woodlands SR-21 Sculpture Returns To The Park

The Woodlands SR21 Sculpture in Artist Grove Park
The sculpture SR-21 was originally designed, produced and donated to The Woodlands by the graduating John Cooper School art students of 2003. The project was supervised by Bob Mosier, their art teacher. The sculpture was positioned in 2004 into Artist Grove Park, the only park where all of the surrounding streets are named for famous artists. Due to exposure to the sun for these past six years, a crack had developed on the surface of the sculpture (see attached). By coordinating with Kelly Dietrich (Woodlands Parks & Rec) and Bob Mosier (John Cooper School), it was determined that refurbishment was necessary to return the artwork back to the original artists’ intent.

Tony Motto, Sculp-Tours) approached Amy Milstead (Milstead Group) about the possibility of securing their services to sandblast, repair and repaint the sculpture. After reviewing the situation, Amy graciously agreed to donate all of their services to remove, transport, repair, and return the sculpture back to Artist Grove Park. The project took about 2 months and now the sculpture SR-21 is back and ready to last many more years due to the work by Milstead Auto Repair.

A bronze plaque has been ordered and will be installed soon. An official unveiling will be scheduled soon to reintroduce the refurbished sculpture to the area residents. This project is significant in that this is the first time one of the sculptures in The Woodlands sculpture collection has been repaired solely through a unified effort by community involvement.
Source: Tony Motto

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