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Chi Japanese Cuisine

Image Source: http://www.chijapanese.com/

Heaven to me would be an all you can eat, fresh made sushi special at a beautiful restaurant near my house.  This heaven exists in Oak Ridge, just on the other side of I-45 from The Woodlands.  Chi Japanese Cuisine has all you can eat, fresh made sushi every week night from 3pm to 10pm for about $26 per person. It includes many items from their menu in addition to sushi and sashimi. It is a great deal.  If you don’t think you want to eat that much, there are fantastic happy hour specials that cover the gamut of sushi, edamame, dumplings, salads, and veggies.  There are also lots of happy hour drink specials that are perfectly paired with sushi.  The lychee martini is exotic and tasty at a $5 happy hour price for a good sized cocktail. Happy Hour wine at $5 makes me very happy.   I love the sushi/sashimi here and it is clearly the star. The fresh salmon just melts in your mouth.  The tuna is amazing, and the rolls are unique and interesting.  I love the Lake Charles roll which is deep fried with crawfish, cream cheese, and jalapeño.  The Conroe roll is another favorite with salmon, tuna, and spicy mayo.  They have everything Japanese here.  The tempura is legit and they have udon and rice specialties as well as hibachi and robota grill items.  Going for lunch?  They have some great lunch sushi and sashimi specials as well as Bento boxes.  This is quickly becoming my favorite place for some excellent sushi and tempura veggies after a long day of golf!  Great fresh sushi is always my idea of heaven.

Community Restaurants

The Blue Fish Woodlands

Blue Fish Woodlands

My favorite lunch place these days is The Blue Fish at Hughes Landing.  It is also one of my favorite Happy Hour places.  Sushi isn’t cheap, but you get a big bang for your buck with the bento box lunch specials and the Happy Hour specials.  The lunchtime sushi bento box comes with a salad and soup, sushi, rice, and tempura.  You leave full and have had some excellent variety.  The sushi/sashimi bento box is my personal favorite and has a great mix of raw delights.  They also have a fantastic salad.  The spring green salad is fresh with lots of different greens and is amazing served with the ginger dressing.  It makes a great accompaniment to one of their amazing rolls or some fresh sashimi.  The ahi tuna tower is a work of art in taste and beauty. It is the star of the menu in my opinion,  it is a showy piece that will impress on date night with its beautiful presentation surrounded by caviar. They serve a mini version at Happy Hour along with a great assortment of $5 samplers and rolls.  Combined with some amazing prices on drinks, their Happy Hour is a perfect deal for those looking for a sophisticated meal that won’t break the bank.  Blue Fish has an amazing patio overlooking the lake that is perfect for lunch or an early dinner.  Both inside and out is a romantic cool vibe that is sure to please those looking for great sushi in a great atmosphere.

There are several sushi places in The Woodlands, but this is the clear winner in terms of creative rolls, excellent tasting sushi, and a beautiful space.


More information: http://www.thebluefishsushi.com/