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The Woodlands Mitchell Island



Named for George Mitchell, the late founder of The Woodlands, Mitchell Island will be the most exclusive address in The Woodlands.

Located on the eastern edge of Lake Woodlands, Mitchell Island was created in 1985 with plans to locate the corporate headquarters of Mitchell Energy and Development on the island. This plan was abandoned in 2005.

When The Woodlands East Shore was first announced in the 2000’s, the developers were going to turn the island into an exclusive clubhouse for East Shore residents. This plan for Mitchell Island changed again with the announcement of ExxonMobil’s new campus being built south of The Woodlands for 10,000 employees plus the explosive growth of Hughes Landing.

While the size of the island has been reported from various sources as 19, 20, and 22 acres, we know there will be approximately 19 one-acre lots and the bidding will begin at $1.5 million to $3 million per lot depending upon location on the island. As in every neighborhood in The Woodlands, there will be minimum and maximum square footage for the homes built on the lots.

Construction of the bridge to the island is almost complete. A pier is under construction that will eventually dock boats that will shuttle residents to Hughes Landing.

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The Woodlands East Shore 2015 Update

The Woodlands East Shore, a 169-acre enclave on the eastern edge of 200-acre Lake Woodlands, is the “Garden District” of The Woodlands Town Center. This sophisticated environment offers plentiful opportunities for urban living within close proximity to the shopping, dining and entertainment venues along The Woodlands Waterway®.

Combining a unique blend of classic architecture with formal garden parks and green spaces, East Shore features distinctive neighborhoods each with its own special character. Street trees, ornamental streetlamps, private alleys and lake views create a place where strolling is the best form of transportation.

Everything in East Shore is on a walk-able scale, and the lake forms a scenic backdrop for classic urban residences.

Stay tuned for the latest addition to The Woodlands East Shore…..Mitchell Island. A bridge to Mitchell Island is almost complete. The Woodlands Development Company hasn’t announced the process to purchase a lot and build on this most elite address in The Woodlands. Initially, rumor had the 19 one-acre+ lots priced at $2 million each, then $5 million each, then bid basis for each lot. Subscribe to our RSS feed, and be one of the first and few to get the updates and final decision.

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Staging and Style

White Kitchen Fatigue?

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine

Are homeowners growing tired of the all-white kitchen? Some design experts believe so. White kitchens have been popular over the past few years, but Houzz editor and writer Mitchell Parker predicts that the number of homeowners who will get “white-kitchen fatigue” will grow in the new year.

Some homeowners may experiment with adding more colors back in to the kitchen.

“While white kitchens aren’t going anywhere, expect to see a rise in color, especially other neutrals like gray and blue,” Parker notes in reporting on 2018 home trends. “Plus, warm wood tones are becoming a popular replacement for painted cabinets, leading to sophisticated, rich palettes.”

The two-tone look started catching on in 2017, in which cabinet colors were mixed and matched in the kitchen. For example, the bottom cabinets might be a darker color, such as gray, and the upper cabinets then all in white. Or, homeowners were making a bigger statement with their kitchen islands by painting it a bolder color that contrasted with the rest of its kitchen cabinets.