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A few Saturday nights ago, I wanted to go eat at Deacon Baldy’s. It was 6pm and I had to drive around the parking lots for about 8 minutes before I finally gave up and left. There was not a single place to park and even the iffy places were taken. This is THE most popular place on weekends and that speaks for itself. It is a food truck park that has about four to five regular food trucks, visiting trucks on the weekends, lots of craft beer, and live music on the weekends. The best trucks for me are BBQ Godfather and Beefy’s. But Cousins Maine, Craft Burger, and The Greek Squad are also great. Beefy’s has amazing asian pulled pork and even offers tater tots with it on top. Genius! It has the perfect amount of heat to give it depth. I crave this for days on end. The BBQ at BBQ Godfather is amazing whether you are eating the perfectly rendered brisket or the awesome sides. The burgers at Craft are big, juicy, and worth the wait. Their fries are some of my favorites in the area too. All of these items pair perfectly with the large selection of craft beers — if you consider 40 taps a large selection! For folks from the northeast, the lobster rolls at Cousins are just like I had in Maine last summer. They fly the lobster in so it is authentic. This is a really fun place to catch up with friends, grab a cold one, and everyone gets to eat what they want. Just plan to go early so you can find a place to park!

Terri Olson

After 34 years working for a global oil company, Terri retired to travel more and spend time with family. She is a foodie-wanna-be and loves to travel, try new foods, and enjoy the local cuisine in The Woodlands. She became interested in dining experiences after living and working abroad in Europe and trying many new foods and restaurants in Copenhagen and London.

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